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Bitcoin Cash

What is Bitcoin Cash Trading?

Bitcoin Cash began in August of 2017 when the first hard fork of Bitcoin occurred. In layman terms, the hard fork of Bitcoin was essentially a software update of Bitcoin. 

The purpose of the software update was to increase the block size and transactions per second to ultimately be the default currency for small, everyday transactions. 

Bitcoin Cash trading with baxia markets offering cryptocurrency

Despite originating from Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has key differences that potentially make it a better cryptocurrency. They include cheaper transfer fees and a higher number of transactions per second. 

Bitcoin Cash Debate

The debate around Bitcoin is that the digital currency wouldn’t be able to compete with the number of transactions processed by credit card companies, such as Visa and Mastercard. They are able to process around 1,700 transactions per second (TPS), while Bitcoin only processes about 7 TPS.

Bitcoin Cash was created to overcome these transaction limits. BCH now averages 244 transactions per second, a number considerably larger than 7. However, one potential issue with the bigger and faster block size is to guarantee that transactions are as secure as the ones processed by the Bitcoin network.

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Benefits of Trading CFDs on Bitcoin Cash

Here at Baxia Markets, you can trade Bitcoin Cash as a CFD, which allows you to speculate on whether the Bitcoin Cash price will fall or rise. Ultimately, this means that you can place buy or sell orders depending on your prediction and without a trade commission- there are no costs handed down to you.

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