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What is Dash Trading?

Dash, also known as Digital Cash, is a peer to peer digital currency created by Evan Duffield in January 2014. Dash aimed, at its initial development stages, to secure anonymity and privacy in payments. 

However, its targets have changed since then, and now its main priority is to overcome Bitcoin issues such as slow transactions and high fees.

Dash trading with baxia markets offering cryptocurrency

Dash is used worldwide as an alternative to traditional payments methods such as cash and credit cards. It’s also used in international money transfers, mainly in regions with technical limitations in settlement of financial transactions or where hyperinflation urges the use of alternatives for currencies

Dash has a limited supply of 18 million coins and has a variable block reward for mining which decreases by about 7% every year. It uses a mining system based on Masternodes to diminish the processing time to validate transactions. The rewards are split among Masternodes, Miners and Treasures, mainly to assure the currency will have enough capital to invest in its own development.

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Benefits of Dash Trading

Baxia Markets proudly offers a variety of cryptocurrencies available for CFD trading. Dash is part of our crypto portfolio and you can go long or short in Dash against main fiat currencies and cryptos.

Open an account with us and start trading Dash today. Trading Cryptos is commission free.

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