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What is Ripple Trading?

Ripple is both a platform and a cryptocurrency that was developed by a registered company called Ripple Labs,  formed by investments of various institutional shareholders. 

The company’s goal is to provide cheap, fast, secure and transparent asset transactions in real time to replace currency exchanges, payment settlements and a variety of financial transfers.

Ripple trading with baxia markets offering cryptocurrency

Ripple platform has its own currency XRP but also offers the possibility of creating your own coins via RippleNet, which is a payment network used by all sorts of financial institutions to process transactions worldwide through Ripple solutions. 

The platform also permits the exchanges of any currency (fiat or cryptos) or valuable (like commodities) by charging a small symbolic fee of $0.00001. XRP coin serves as a transaction intermediary.

Furthermore, Ripple has no blockchain and no mining, instead, it has its own iterative consensus ledger and validating servers network and it was pre-mined, so the coins were created and some of them are still to be released within the network.

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Advantages of Ripple Trading

The advantages of Ripple trading include its fast confirmation of transactions, which takes about 5 seconds, while Bitcoin takes 10 minutes. The coin has the ability to exchange any asset, such as oil or USD. Ripple has an official company and is supported by banks such as Santander and Union Credit, which boosts the digital asset’s credibility.

With Baxia Markets you’re able to analyze and trade in the crypto markets in real time, which includes buying or selling Ripple (XRP) against fiat currencies and other cryptos, using leverage to your benefit.

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