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Trading Hours

The regular trading hours, all in one place

To view Baxia Market’s trading hours of any symbol in the MetaTrader trading platform, right-click on any instrument in the ‘Market Watch’ section, then left-click on the ‘Specification’ button, a new window will open that shows the schedule. 

In general the market is open 24 hours, however, there are some notes to take down. Regardless of your time zones, please follow these market hours. Currency pairs open at 00:01 sever time and close at 23:59 server time (Monday through Friday). Metals open for trading at 01:00 server time daily and close at 23:59 server time daily (Monday through Friday). All market symbols close at 23:55 on Fridays if they haven’t already closed i.e., Index CFDs or Soft Commodities. 

Please consider that Baxia Market’s platforms are GMT+2 or GMT+3 offset. GMT+3 occurs when daylight savings in the US is in effect. 

World map representing trading hours around market trends with price fluctuations


Forex Trading Hours (server time)
All Daily: 00:03 – 24:00
All Friday: 00:03 – 23:55

Index CFDs

SymbolIndexSession Times (server time)
AUS200Australian 200 IndexDaily: 00:50-07:30 & 08:10-22:00
Friday: 22:00
F40France 40 IndexDaily: 09:00-23:00
Friday: 23:00
DE30Germany 30 IndexDaily: 01:00-24:00
Friday: 23:00
JP225Japan 225 IndexDaily: 01:05-24:00
Friday: 23:00
UK100UK 100 IndexDaily: 01:00-24:00
Friday: 23:00
SPX500US 500 IndexDaily: 01:00-24:00
Friday: 23:00
NAS100US Tech 100 IndexDaily: 01:00-24:00
Friday: 23:00
US30US Wall Street 30 IndexDaily: 01:00-24:00
Friday: 23:00
ES35Spain 35 IndexDaily: 10:00 - 21:00
Friday: 21:00


Commodities Trading Hours (server time)
XAUUSD Daily: 01:02-24:00
Friday: 01:02-23:50
XAGUSD Daily: 01:02-24:00
Friday: 01:02-23:50
XPTUSD Daily: 01:02-24:00
Friday: 01:02-23:50
XPDUSD Daily: 01:02-24:00
Friday: 01:02-23:50
NGAS Daily: 01:00-24:00
Friday: 01:00-23:55
UKOIL Daily: 03:02-24:00
Friday: 03:00-23:55
USOIL Daily: 01:05-24:00
Friday: 01:05-23:55
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