Regional Representatives

    As a Regional Representative, you will partner with Baxia Markets to promote new business in your local region while gaining competitive remuneration and Head Office support to grow your business.

    Baxia Markets invites expressions of interest from individuals or companies seeking to become a  Baxia Markets Regional Representative. 

    Potential Baxia Markets Regional Representative start as an Introducing Broker first. 

    Once you are demonstrating a high level of weekly referral performance, an offer may then be made to become a representative Baxia Markets.

    Regional Representatives Program offered by baxia markets with various people in agreement

    Some advantages of Regional Representatives includes:

    Representatives will typically be rewarded by receiving commissions not only from clients they have referred but also from all clients who join Baxia Markets from their region.

    Operational support from the  Baxia Markets Head Office to streamline your client referral processes and improve your business operations, giving you insights into how one of the world’s largest forex brokers operates and succeeds.

    Marketing and promotion assistance, including your own set marketing budget.

    Direct access to your client base aimed at improving customer experience and supporting client inquiries. Reporting and client tracking systems to ensure you have the appropriate oversight to monitor and grow your business.

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