Forex VPS

VPS is a powerful MetaTrader trading support service. Open a Baxia Markets account and get it for free*

What’s a VPS?

Through VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, traders can run automated algorithmic strategies, including 24/7 expert advisor services. At the same time, latency is ultra-low, and variations in system downtime associated with connectivity issues are minimized.

*Baxia Markets customers can enjoy free VPS subscription service. Complete at least 15 standard lots per calendar month, and you will be eligible to apply for a VPS account.

Monthly Cost

Free for Premium Account Holders

Trade 24 Hours a Day

Reduced Latency

How to apply for VPS:​


Open a CFD account with Baxia Markets

Customer service team

Fill out the VPS registration form below to register


Receive confirmation of completed application from MetaTrader, along with your login details.

Ready to experience the benefits of VPS trading?

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What’s the Deal? Do I Need a Forex VPS?

While not a “must have”, many traders choose to use a VPS for its key advantages in trading. 

First, you can overcome possible connection issues on your side. If you experience power or internet connection failure, you would want your trades being managed by your Expert Advisor to go unaffected; however, if you do not have a VPS and you experience connection issues, your Expert Advisor will no longer operate.

If you like using Trailing stops a Forex VPS can also be very beneficial for your trading strategy, since trailing stops are only stored in the platform, the use of a Forex VPS can guarantee that your Trailing stops will be triggered when the criteria is met.

Additionally, you can significantly reduce your latency. Latency is the round trip time for your trading account on your computer to communicate with our servers. If you have high latency, your automated trading could experience delays. 

Finally, added storage capacity with a VPS gives you the ability to place multiple trading platforms with expert advisors on the external server. Thus giving you the ability to try many automated strategies without bogging down your computer at home.