Trade via an API | Baxia Markets

    Automate your trading with Baxia Markets’s API solution.

    Our API solution offers you a comfortable way to get market data, historical prices and execute trades on any of your accounts. The purpose of the API is to get you coding as quickly as possible. It offers you a sample app, full- featured documentation and interactive developer tools to assist you.

    We Also Provide a FIX API

    FIX (Financial Information Exchange) API (application programming interface) is an electronic communication protocol for financial information exchange. In our case, we use it to allow direct communication between a client and a liquidity provider. It’s our fastest and most popular option to execute orders in minimum time. You’ll get a full range of trading order types available.

    Our API is very supportive. Expect support in terms of pricing, trading and live account balance figures.You will also receive secure connection to our systems using SSL over the web. All of  Baxia Markets’s products are available over the FIX API. The API also supports all major order types supported by our DMA trading platform, and lets you use trading algorithms and models to execute trades for you.

    Why Use Our FIX API?

    Reduction of Trade-related Latency: Orders are executed faster due to high speed of connectivity and ultra low latency communication

    Data in Real Time: large amount of data being instantly transferred 

    Financial Industry Specifications: our API comes with the most well known language used for transmitting financial information

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    To ensure that our API is right for you, to request our rules of engagement or to find out more please contact one of our account executives.

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