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Metals & Energy

Trading Metals & Energies

Commodity trading is available with several asset classes at Baxia Markets, such as metals and energy. This includes CFDs on gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and energies such as crude oil, Brent oil, and natural gas are all available for you to trade on margin.

Speculate whether the price will rise or fall in value. As there is no physical delivery, it’s easy for anyone to trade with Baxia Markets. Leveraged on our platform, precious metal and energy trades will only need a small deposit, otherwise known as margin, to place the trade. If your price prediction is correct, you will make a profit. Conversely, you will incur a loss if it’s not.

Metals and Energy classified as commodity trading over trending market and candlesticks

Commodity Trading Features

Trade with margin

Leverage up to 100:1

Spot CFDs

Go long or short

Competitive spreads available up to 24/5 

No commissions

No expiration

Metals & Energy

InstrumentSymbolContract SizeLeverageMin SpreadPL per 1 Lot
Gold vs US DollarXAUUSD100 ounces1:1000.510 USD per 1 lot move
Silver vs US DollarXAGUSD5000 ounces1:1000.550 USD per 1 lot move
Platinum vs US DollarXPTUSD100 ounces1:100510 USD per 1 lot move
Palladium vs US DollarXPDUSD100 ounces1:10011.3710 USD per 1 lot move
Natural GasNGAS10000 MMBtu1:1001.210 USD per 1 lot move
Brent Crude OilUKOIL100 barrels1:100210 USD per 1 lot move
US Light Sweet OilUSOIL100 barrels1:100210 USD per 1 lot move

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