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    Baxia Markets proudly presents an exceptional opportunity for those interested in the best introducing broker partnership. Our aim is to empower Introducing Brokers (IBs) like you to expand your business footprint in the global markets. Through our highly competitive partnership agreement, our shared objective is to ensure the mutual success of both Baxia Markets and yourself as an IB.

    When you decide to become an Introducing Broker with Baxia Markets, you step into a world of potential. Your primary role will involve referring clients to open trading accounts with us. As they actively trade, you will earn rebates for each trade they close. The concept is straightforward: the more clients you have, and the more they trade, the higher your rebates will soar. What's even better, all rebates are automatically calculated, so you can focus on expanding your client base and growing your business.

    At Baxia Markets, we understand the value of exceptional customer service, and that extends to our IBs. We provide dedicated customer support to ensure you have all the assistance you need to succeed in your role as an IB.

    Additionally, as an Introducing Broker partnering with Baxia Markets, you will gain exclusive access to a comprehensive suite of tools and features available in our specialized user-friendly "IB" section. This resource equips you with the ability to monitor your clients' trading history and the commission generated from their trades efficiently. This real-time information empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your strategies to maximize earnings.

    Our commitment to leveraging advanced technology and industry expertise sets us apart. You'll immediately benefit from our cutting-edge resources, enabling you to maintain prosperous and enduring relationships with your clients and ensuring your journey as an Introducing Broker is marked by success. With Baxia Markets, your path to becoming an influential Introducing Broker in the financial markets is paved with opportunities and support.

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    Benefits of a Partner Account | Introducer Broker

    Personal Account Manager

    No Limits on Commission

    Daily Payments

    24/5 Support

    Attractive and Tailored Reward Scheme for IBs

    Real-time Automatic Commission Reporting

    Advanced Client Tracking System

    No Upfront Investment

    Forex Rebates Calculator

    Use this Forex Rebates Calculator below to accurately calculate how much can you earn in rebates from your clients' closed trading positions. 

    What's in it for your customers?

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    Competitive trading conditions

    We offer low spreads, a variety of trading products, easy-to-use payment options, a world-class trading platform and powerful trading tools.

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    Premium customer support

    Each of your customers will get access to our team of dedicated sales professionals, with 24/5 support in their local language.

    Foreign exchange market trader analyzing charts with indicators and trend lines as a guide.

    Education materials

    Whether they’re beginners or experienced traders, we’ve got all the resources they need to trade their edge, including helpful articles geared to make traders feel more knowledgable about their future trade decisions.

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    Top-tier Trading Platforms

    Trading on the industry-leading MT4 & MT5 platforms, traders are given full flexibility to execute their trades. Baxia Markets doesn’t settle for anything less than the best, and neither should your customers.

    How to Become an Introducing Broker

    Step 1


    Complete your registration with our simple online application form.

    Step 2

    Refer clients

    Feature your Introducing Broker link or advertising materials on your website to start referring clients.

    Step 3

    Start earning

    Earn commission per qualified client and track performance with detailed reports.


    “Working with Baxia has really helped me. Their good commission and rebate system let me earn more in the forex market in addition to my trading profits. Their support team knows forex well and makes things easier for me. This partnership has been both easy and profitable.”

    Rahmat Santoso

    “The Baxia partner program is really good for growth. Their tech and simple tools in the IB area help me see my clients’ trades and how much I earn. Being with them has given me more opportunities in the global forex markets than I thought.”

    Mohd Azmi bin Rahman

    “I’ve worked with Baxia Markets for a long time and it’s been great. They really want both of us to succeed. When I bring in more clients, I earn more because of their excellent commissions plan. If you are looking to become a successful IB with high rebates, I suggest Baxia Markets.”

    Thabo Khumalo

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an Introducing Broker?

    An Introducing Broker (IB) is an individual or entity that partners with Baxia Markets to refer clients to open trading accounts with us. IBs earn commissions and rebates based on their referred clients’ trading activity.

    How do I become an Introducing Broker with Baxia Markets?

    To become an IB with Baxia Markets, you can start by contacting our dedicated team through the provided contact form on this page. Our representatives will guide you through the application process and provide all the necessary information.

    How are my earnings as an IB calculated?

    Your earnings as an IB are calculated based on the trading activity of the clients you refer. You earn rebates for each trade your referred clients close. The more active clients you have and the more they trade, the higher your rebates will be. All rebates are automatically calculated and credited to your account.

    What support and resources does Baxia Markets provide to its Introducing Brokers?

    Baxia Markets offers dedicated customer support to all our IBs. You will also gain access to our specialized “IB” section, which provides tools to monitor your clients’ trading history and commission earnings. Our advanced technology and industry expertise ensure you have the resources needed for success.

    Can I track my clients' trading activity in real-time?

    Yes, absolutely. In the “IB” section, you will have access to real-time data that allows you to monitor your clients’ trading activity, track their history, and view the commissions generated. This transparency empowers you to make informed decisions to optimize your earnings as an IB.

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