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Economic Calendar

Macroeconomics events and announcements from Central Banks, and government reports on economic indicators have a high impact in financial markets. It is very important to keep track of the market news events and economic data, even if you are not a news trader. 


New to the economic calendar?

How to use it

You can use the Economic Calendar to stay informed of scheduled announcements that move the markets. The above calendar would allow you to know the exact date and accurate time point of news releases so you can prepare yourself when trading forex. 

You may filter by importance and country as needed. Clicking any event on the calendar will show more vital information about that event.

How to read the economic calendar

To effectively read the economic calendar, start by understanding the key events listed, such as economic indicators, central bank meetings, and important announcements. Pay attention to the date, time, and currency involved. Prioritize high-impact events that can significantly influence markets. 

Analyze the forecasted and actual values, looking for deviations that may trigger market volatility. Consider historical trends and market sentiment. Continuously monitor the calendar for updates and adapt your trading or investment strategies accordingly. Regularly review economic reports to deepen your understanding of the market dynamics. 

About the economic calendar

News are classified as Low (Grey), Medium (Orange) or High (Red) Impact depending on the significance they will have on the markets. The Economic Calendar allows you to filter such events by country to narrow your results more effectively. 

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