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Account Verification Requirements

When opening a bank account, you usually need to take some form of ID into the bank branch. Baxia Markets isn't any different. As a regulated financial institution we are required to know our customers and who's using our service.

We usually verify your identity with a Photo ID and Proof of Address document(s). Depending on where you live and the type of account you are opening, we will ask you to verify your identity. If you are looking to open an account for a corporation, we will additionally need to verify all the information about the entity as well.

When you fill out the application we will let you know exactly the type of documents we need from you.

The types of documents we accept are:

A valid Photo ID document can be:

Photo ID requirements:

A valid Proof of Address document can be:

Proof of Address requirements:

If you have any questions about your ID documents or want to find out more, please reach out to us.

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