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MT4 Multiterminal

MT4 MultiTerminal | Baxia Markets

MT4 MultiTerminal offers an ideal tool for those who want to manage multiple accounts, this platform allows traders to place orders in more than one MT4 trading account simultaneously, making it easy and accessible to manage all of your accounts in just one platform.

The platform interface will allow any trader who is familiar with MT4 to easily use the platform, proving the same user friendly environment plus advanced functionality. Placing both market and pending orders are available through this platform. 

The platform flexibility allows you to choose from different allocation methods when splitting trades between accounts.

These Methods Could Be Based On:

Predefined lot size

Percentage allocation

Account Balance

Account Equity

Account Margin level 

Other features include monitoring quotes as well as your accounts equity, balance and margin percentage in real time. Viewing your account history without having to switch between accounts. And finally, there is no restriction on the number of accounts you can link to the platform.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003

MT4 Multiterminal offered at Baxia Markets, on screen you can see that you can manage multiple trading accounts at the same time