Straight Through Processing

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Straight Through Processing (STP)

Baxia Markets operates as a Straight Through Process Broker (STP). An STP broker does not have a dealing desk, this means that the orders a customer opens in his forex trading platform go directly to our liquidity providers for processing. In this type of processing, Baxia Markets only connects traders with the liquidity providers, orders are executed at the bid or ask price rate that these providers offer.

Baxia Markets operates as a straight through processing (STP) broker.

Deep Liquidity​

Baxia Markets offers a deep liquidity pool formed from a variety of LP’s (liquidity providers), including the interbank markets. Our system sends the order to these providers and they fill the client’s order at the best available price which ensures that you get the best possible rate from our LP’s pool at the moment you place your order.

Learning to trade?​

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