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MetaTrader 5 on MacOS

Trade potential opportunities with a Baxia Markets account on MetaTrader 5 trading platform on MacOS.

MetaTrader 5 on MacOS with Baxia Markets

The MT5 for MacOS provides seamless functionality across most versions of MacOS, up to and including Big Sur, without the requirement of Boot Camp or Parallels Desktop. It offers a variety of features for trading in world markets, with no re-quotes and no order rejections.

With Baxia Markets you can download MetaTrader 5 on MacOS for free and immediately to be used in both your live and demo trading accounts.

MT5 MacOS Benefits

MetaTrader 5 Platform Setup

1. Open the MetaTrader5.dmg file & follow the instructions on how to install it

2. Go to Applications folder & open the MetaTrader5 app.

3. Right click on "Accounts", select "Open an Account"

4. Type the name "baxia" and click "Find your broker"

5. Click Next and select "Connect with an existing trade account" -- Enter your login and password

6. Select the server on which your account is registered from the dropdown menu -- click Finish

How to Install Expert Advisors/Indicators on the MT5 for Mac & access log files

1. In the Finder on your Mac, choose Go > Go to Folder

2. Copy/paste the path below and replace 'my-user' with your Mac’s username: /Users/my-user/Library/Application Support/MetaTrader 5/Bottles/metatrader5/drive_c/Program Files/MetaTrader 5

3. Install Expert Advisors to MQL5/Experts folder & restart the MetaTrader5 so the application can recognize your EAs

4. Install Indicators to MQL5/Indicators folder and restart the MetaTrader5 so the application can recognize your Indicators

5. Find log files under log folder

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