Baxia Partners With Financial Commission for More Transparency in External Dispute Resolution

    Baxia Markets, an international multi-asset trading broker, announces its partnership with the Financial Commission (FinaCom), a self-regulatory organization and an independent external dispute resolution body for businesses participating in CFDs and foreign exchange (forex) markets.

    This partnership enables Baxia and its clients access to a wide range of services and membership benefits, such as an unbiased third party mediation platform operated by FinaCom, and protection for up to €20,000 per client, backed by the FinaCom’s Compensation Fund.

    FinaCom and Baxia's partnership assembles two organizations committed to upholding the forex industry to the highest standards in business practices, for a fair and transparent trading environment.

    Nash Wadud, Chief Executive Officer at Baxia Markets, says, “We are pleased to announce our membership in The Financial Commission, a neutral third-party dispute resolution body that offers an alternative to traditional dispute resolution methods. It ensures that traders and brokers are getting their disputes resolved in a quick, efficient and unbiased manner, while making sure that the trader walks away with a well-founded answer to their concerns.” 

    “At Baxia Markets, our goal is to contribute to traders' overall knowledge about Forex. The Financial Commission has created an online platform where they can share their feedback. “

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