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US Labor Day 2023 | Trading Schedule


As we approach the US Labor Day holiday, we will be adjusting some of our product session hours. The trading schedule will be changed as follows:

Trading Hours (GMT+3)Monday 4th September,
GoldEarly Close 21:30,
SilverEarly Close 21:30,
PalladiumEarly Close 21:30,
PlatinumEarly Close 21:30,
UKOILEarly Close 20:15,
USOILEarly Close 20:15,
NGASEarly Close 20:15,
US30Early Close 20:00,
US500Early Close 20:00,
NAS100Early Close 20:00,
JPN225Early Close 20:00,

The times mentioned above are based on our server time and are subject to change by the respective exchanges or liquidity providers.

Please note that in the event of low liquidity, spreads might significantly increase from their normal levels.

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