What Are 5G Stocks?

    With retail trading becoming more and more available to the general public, there is always one question at the back of every trader’s mind. Where is the next big opportunity?

    Today we will cover for you an industry that is untapped. An industry where there are no limits. An industry that in due time will consume the world. Welcome to the world of 5G stocks.

    Welcome To The World Of 5G

    One of those next big things traders like you need to know about is 5G. Eventually, the 5G service will connect the world in a way we have never seen before.

    It is time for retail traders to do their research and due diligence in this area. Because in 5 years, you will look back and say; how did I miss this opportunity? Why didn’t I invest in 5G technology? Today, Baxia Markets will give you a small head start! Today’s topic is: what are 5G stocks? And how can you get involved today!

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    Who Is Qualcomm? What Ties Qualcomm With 5G?

    Qualcomm has entered the blog. What does Qualcomm have to do with 5G you may ask? Here is a brief history lesson on Qualcomm, a giant technology company

    Established in 1985 Qualcomm is an American corporation headquartered in California. Qualcomm’s bread and butter lies in creating semiconductors, software, and services related to wireless technology. Over the years, Qualcomm has also developed semiconductor components or software for vehicles, watches, laptops, wi-fi, smartphones, and other consumer electronics

    After many debates within the wireless industry, the 2G standard was adopted with Qualcomm's Code Division Multiple Access patents incorporated. And of course since then, we have seen Qualcomm play a crucial part in launching both 3G and 4G, making them both the norm within our society today.

    Qualcomm is powerful. How powerful you may ask. Well, Qualcomm owns patents critical to the 4G, 5G and mobile network communications standards. And just like that, Qualcomm is a force to be reckoned with in the stock market today. Qualcomm is definitely a 5G stock you need to follow closely year over year

    Some Technical Information for the Sophisticated Traders

    If you follow the news surrounding Qualcomm and 5G networks you will get the needed boost in knowledge to know how important 5G will be in the coming years. This is the train you don’t want to miss, especially if you are a long term investor. 

    Recently in the news Qualcomm claims it has completed the world’s first 5G millimetre wave (mmWave) data connection with support for 200MHz carrier bandwidth. Alberto Cicalini, Senior Director, Product Management at Qualcomm Europe says; “These developments underscore Qualcomm Technologies’ continued leadership in driving 5G mmWave commercialisation and advancing 5G as we move through the next decade.”

    In other words, Qualcomm Technologies is at the forefront of the next 5G wave and eventually will reap all the benefits that come with it. Qualcomm has a big target to make the world more advanced through fast and reliable wireless communication and by doing that, the world will become a more advanced place.

    Invest In 5G Stocks Today

    Now that you know more about 5G and what a 5G stock is, how can you invest in a 5G stock

    In today’s world it is easy to open a brokerage account and trade almost anything you can think of across all financial markets. We love to encourage our readers to do their own research and to continue reading to figure out if investing in 5G stocks fits their risk appetite and more importantly their overall portfolio. 5G stocks could be a great way to diversify your current portfolio into something that is more long term. 5G stocks are definitely considered as ‘stocks to buy’ and the time is now. 

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