How Can Mobile Trading Help You Stay On Top of Your Trades?

    Trade with the most popular trading platform from your phone or tablet and manage your orders. Take control of your trades and never miss a trading opportunity.

    Learn why mobile trading can help your strategy and important features involved below.


    How Can Mobile Trading Help Your Strategy

    Mobile Trading is a key element to a successful trading strategy, stay connected on the go and trade from anywhere in the world.

    Our mobile trading platform allows you to manage your trades from any mobile device with Internet access, you can open new trades, manage positions and close existing ones. It’s very easy for you to install the mobile trading app on your phone or tablet.

    mobile trading with trader navigating markets on phone while traveling

    The Mobile Trading App Features Include

    • User friendly interface 
    • Real-time forex and CFD quotes - allow you to trade anywhere in the world so easy
    • Full set of trade orders, including pending orders
    • Trade directly from the chart
    • Support of all types of execution modes and full-featured trading system
    • View your complete trade history
    • Real-time interactive charts with zoom and scroll
    • Customize the graphics on your screen with built in 30 of the most popular technical indicators and 24 of the most useful analytical objects
    • 9 timeframes and 3 chart types
    • Up-to-date financial news and push notifications
    • Complete control of your trading account
    • Rapid trade execution

    These features will allow you to manage your trades in real-time, don’t miss a trading opportunity for not being in front of your computer, start using mobile trading now and trade all instruments no matter the place or the time. 

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