How do I deposit money with Local Transfer in Thailand (THB)?

    Funding your Baxia account is quick and easy for Local Bank Transfers in Thailand (THB). Here are some tips for hassle-free deposits using this method:

    STEP 1

    1. Log in to your Secure Client Area.
    2. Select ‘My Funds’ and then Deposit Funds’ tab from the left-hand main menu.
    3. Choose the Trading Account number you wish to fund under Deposit To’ menu.
    4. Select the ‘Local Bank Transfer payment method.
    5. Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed.

    STEP 2

    1. Type in the amount you would like to fund under ‘Deposit Amount’
    2. Next, select the your ‘Bank Code’
    3. Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed

    STEP 3

    1. Review that all payment details are correct. 
    2. Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed

    On the next page you will be redirected to finish and confirm the payment with your local bank option. 

    In case of successful payment you should receive an email with confirmation and your trading account balance should be updated very shortly.
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