Customizing Partner Links

    You have the capability to tailor your partner link for different purposes. To ensure ease of use, we’ve incorporated a broad array of options available for selection within your Personal Area.

    To create the customized links:

    1. Log in to your Secure Client Area.
    2. In the left side menu, under the Partner’s Area, tap the Marketing Tools tab.
    3. Under the “Create New Link” area:
      Enter a name, 
      Select the landing page from the dropdown, and 
      Type the PromoCode (if necessary) that your customer should enter in their registration form.
      Click Continue
    4. Your customized partner’s link is now published under your “Partner Links” and is ready for sharing to your referrals.

    You can use this method to also customize your link to direct to a particular landing page and in a certain language, all of which are listed in the appropriate dropdown menu.

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