Your Partner Link and Partner Account

    As a Baxia Markets partner your two most essential resources are your partner link and partner account. Let’s look at these and talk about how to use them for partner success.

    1. Partner Link (how to find and customize it)
    2. Partner Account

    1. Partner Link

    The Partner Link provided to you is a fundamental referral URL that you can distribute with others.

    You can share your URL link through various means including email, social media, or website

    If an individual clicks on or copies your link into their browser’s address bar, they will be presented with an option to register as a client of Baxia Markets.

    Once they execute their first trade, irrespective of the result, your partner link identifies them as your referral, and you are paid a commission.

     › How to find it

    The partner link can easily be found in your Partner’s Area.

    1. In the left side menu, under the Partner’s Area, tap the Marketing Tools tab.
    2. Now, click on Partner Links.
    3. Under the “Partner Links” area, select the Click to Copy button. Your link is now copied to your computer’s clipboard.
    4. You can share this URL link directly with all your potential referrals.

    Also, please note that your Partner’s URL link is already within your Partner Banners for you when you publish these to your emails, social media accounts or websites.

     › How to customize it

    You have the option to customize your partner referral link for specific regions, languages, or to highlight a particular account type. 

    2. Partner Account

    We create a partner account for you in the Secure Client, Partner Area so that you can track your earnings as a Baxia Market’s partner.

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