How to login to the mobile trading platform on MT5?

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    To access the MT5 account on your mobile device you will need your account number, password and server information from the email we sent you, the subject line is displayed as ‘Your trading account has been created’.

    Please try the following steps in the MT5 mobile app to login by selecting your mobile device operating system – iOS or Android:

    How to login MT5 on iOS

    1) Open your MT5 mobile app and go to Settings, then choose Trade Accounts.

    2) Then click on the small plus sign (+) at the top right corner of your screen.

    3) Search for the server by typing in the word ” Baxia “, then select the correct server for your account.

    4) Lastly, under ‘USE EXISTING ACCOUNT’, enter your account number and password, then click on Sign In to proceed logging in.

    How to login MT5 on Android

    1) Open your MT5 mobile app, tap the menu icon (hamburger button ☰) on the left by the word Quotes.

    2) Tap Manage Accounts

    3) Tap plus symbol ‘ + ‘

    4) Type the word ‘baxia‘ in the search box and select BaxiaMarkets from the list.

    5) Enter your trading account number (Login) and password, and select the correct server based on your account type. Then tap the ‘Login’ button:

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