How do I set up two-factor authentication?

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    Your account’s security is our priority – which is why we recommend two-factor authentication (2FA) with your account at Baxia. It’s easy to set up, and you’ll be familiar with the process from other financial platforms. 

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    What is 2FA?

    Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a second security layer for your account protecting against unauthorized access. You will be asked for a separate one-time password (OTP) when you log in, as an extra step.

    How do I set-up 2FA?

    Ensure you have downloaded a compatible authentication app such as Google Authenticator. 

    Google Authenticator for Android
    Google Authenticator for iOS

    Start by accessing the Secure Client Area and following these steps: 

    1. Click on ‘My Profile’, then select ‘Two-factor authentication’.
    2. Next click on ‘Enable two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator’ button.

    3. Scan the QR-code with Google Authenticator app and enter in the code below. 
    4. After you finish typing in the code, click on the ‘Enable’ button. 

    What authentication app can I use?

    Currently you can use the industry-standard authentication application from Google via the Google Authenticator. 

    How do I switch-off 2FA?

    If you’d like to remove this second layer of security, you can deactivate 2FA by following instructions in your Secure Client Area dashboard in your profile. 

    How do I set-up 2FA on a new phone?

    If you have lost your phone, or cannot access your authentication app, you will first need to disable your existing 2FA by contacting us.

    Simply send a request by email to [email protected] from your registered email address and include the following:

    • Your full name and date of birth
    • Your trading account login 
    • Your registered residential address
    • Your registered phone number
    • The balance on your account
    • The last market you traded
    • The last four digits of your registered card(s)

    Is 2FA compatible with MT4 or MT5?

    No, 2FA isn’t compatible with MT4 or MT5.

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