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    After you make your first deposit and have set up your trading terminal too, all that is left to do is to place your first trade. Let’s go over some key things to get started: 

    Log in to the terminal

    Login to the trading terminal to get started.

    Need help with how to login? Choose from the following options:

       • How do I login into my trade account using the MT5 platform? (PC)

       • How to login to the MT5 mobile trading platform? (iOS & Android)

    Adding trading instruments

    Do you have any preferred trading symbols, such as EURUSD or XAUUSD? Follow these steps to set up the list of symbols in your Market Watch window in the WebTerminal or Desktop Terminal:

    1. Right click anywhere in the Market Watch window.
    2. Click Symbols, then choose the group of trading instruments that you would like to see.
    3. Choose a trading instrument and click Show (or Show all if you want to add all available instruments), then simply close the window.

    The trading instrument you have selected will now be visible in the Market Watch window. If you want to view the chart of the symbol you have added, simply drag it to the chart window.

    Calculate margin

    Margin is the amount of money reserved needed to open and maintain a leveraged trading position. It’s very important to always make sure you have enough money in your account to open a trade.

    To calculate the margin required to open a position, use our quick and easy-to-use Margin Calculator.

    Check market hours

    Before opening your first trade, make sure you understand when the global financial markets open and close, and when you can trade.

    Open a trade

    To open a trade on the Desktop Terminal or WebTerminal:

    1. Right click anywhere in the Trade Tab and choose New Order.
    2. Fill in the required fields:

    • Symbol: Choose a trading instrument from the drop down list, which shows the symbols you’ve added to your Market Watch window.

    • Type of order: Choose either Market Execution or Pending Order. 

    • Volume: Type the lot size (volume you want to trade) for your order. For example, the minimum lot size for Forex pairs, such as EURUSD, is 0.01 lot, which is equivalent to 1000 base units of currency.

    • Trade Type: Choose Buy or Sell as desired.

    You will be able to track progress of your trade in the Terminal window.

    Close a trade

    There are two ways to close an open trade on the Desktop Terminal or WebTerminal:

    • Click the “X” on the open trade located on the far-right of the Trade Tab.

    • Right click on the open trade in the Trade Tab, and click Close Position.

    Please note: closing the trade will not happen automatically, unless in the case of a pending order or stop out.

    That’s all! Now you know how to place forex trade on  MetaTrader 5. Refer to the Terminals section for more detailed information on their features.

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