How do I login into my trade account using the MT5 platform?

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    To access the MT5 platform you will need your account number, password and server information from the email we sent you, the subject line is displayed as ‘Your trading account has been created’.

    Please try the following steps in MT5 to login:

    1) Open your MT5 platform and select File, then choose Login to Trade Account.

    2) In the login box enter your account number. Make sure to enter your password correctly, if you are copying and pasting make sure not to copy any extra spaces over.

    3) From the drop down menu select the server that corresponds to your account.

    4) If you cannot see the server, simply type the server address exactly with your keyboard, ensuring  that no additional spaces are included in the server address, for example: BaxiaMarkets-UK01

    If you have successfully logged in, you’ll see your connection status update in the bottom right hand corner of the platform.

    If the connection status shows ‘invalid account’, make sure your password was entered correctly. If it shows ‘no connection’, double check the server address was entered correctly.

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