How do I use MetaTrader 5 WebTrader?

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    The MT5 WebTrader is a browser-based trading platform that requires no installation & can be used for trading within a website browser.

    WebTrader supports basic trading features that are also available in desktop versions of  MT5 without the need to install anything, making it a convenient choice for those just starting to trade.

    Below you can see what other differences exist between the browser-based WebTrader and desktop-based trading platform:

    WebTrader desktop
    No installation needed
    Expert advisors & scripts
    Trailing Stop
    No Terminal Errors

    This guide will take you through important steps and features for the MT5 WebTrader:

    Accessing the Platform

    You can click the button below to be taken to WebTrader, where you will be prompted to log in. Remember that when you register a trading account, it is created as a MetaTrader 5 account as this will be important when logging in.

    To log in to the WebTrader:

    1. Choose Connect to account’
    2. Enter your trading account number as Login, your trading password as Password, and you should see the server your account was registered on.
    3. Click ‘Connect to account’ to log in.

    To switch accounts in WebTrader:

    1. While logged into your trading account, click the Hamburger button on the top left corner, then ‘Trading Accounts’ > ‘Connect to account’
    2. Sign in with your other trading account’s number and  password; then click Connect to account. You can make switching quicker for next time by ticking Save password.

    Quick switching:

    You can switch active trading accounts by clicking the Hamburger button on the top left corner – the trading accounts you have already logged into will be shown in a list that you can select from; you may be prompted to enter the trading account’s credentials once more.

    About trading windows in the platform:

    Let’s review the main three windows displayed in WebTrader:

    1) Market Watch shows you the available trading instruments, their real-time prices & spread (located on right hand side).

    2) The Chart window shows the chart of the selected trading instrument (located in the middle of screen).

    3) The Toolbox has three icon tabs (located at the very bottom of window):
    Trade, where you can see your current open orders.
    – History, where you can see closed orders and balance operations.
    – Journal, where you can find your platform information.

    Configuring WebTrader

    Even if the WebTrader is browser based, that does not mean it cannot offer powerful features for your charts. Read below to find out how you can customize WebTrader to fit your individual needs.

    Market Watch window:

    By default, you will be able to see the most popular trading instruments for your account type.

    To add more instruments:

    1. Click on the Search symbol box at the top right corner next to the magnifying tool icon.
    2. Here you will see a list of symbol groups, click on any symbol group to expand to view the individual symbols available.
    3. Click on ‘+’ icon next to the individual symbol to add it to your market watch list view.

    Common symbol groups you will find are:

    – FOREX for currency pairs (majors, minors & exotics) such as EURUSD
    – METALS for instruments like XAUUSD
    – ENERGIES for instruments like USOIL or UKOIL
    – INDICES for indices such as US30

    Chart window:

    To open a chart for the selected instrument, simply click on the symbol. 

    There are three available types of charts you can choose from: Bar chart, Candlesticks, and Line chart. You can quickly switch between them in the menu (see screenshot below).

    Timeframes can be changed for your chart by either selecting one from the buttons in the header (see screenshot below) or by opening Charts > Timeframes to show a menu of available timeframes.

    To change to a different color settings of the chart, click on the Hamburger button on the top left corner and then choose Color Templates, then select one of the following color schemes:

         • Green & Red
         • Blue & Red
         • Black & White
         • Neutral

    Now that you’ve configured WebTrader, you are all set to place a trade!

    Opening a Trade

    In the WebTrader, you can place both market and pending orders.

    To open a market order:

    1. Double-click the trading instrument in the Market Watch window.
    2. Specify the volume and select Market Execution as the order type.
    3. You may also choose to specify Stop Loss and Take Profit levels for your order. This is optional, and you can do that after the order is opened.
    4. Click Sell or Buy.

    Once opened, your order will be shown in the Trade tab, where you will be able to track its progress.

    To place a pending order:

    1. Double-click the trading instrument in the Market Watch window.
    2. Specify the volume and choose Pending order as your order type.
    3. Specify the Type of pending order you want from the dropdown menu, and specify the desired Price.
    4. Set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, and set the Expiration (this is optional).
    5. Click Place (if this is still greyed, the parameters set may be invalid).

    Once placed, your pending order will be shown in the Trade tab, waiting for the market price to reach the price specified.

    About One-Click Trading

    One-click trading is a helpful feature that lets you open new orders literally with one click. Here is how one-click trading show up in your trading platform:

    If you take a look at any chart you have opened, you will see the one-click trading feature above. You may click on the icon at the top toolbar (see screenshot above) or you may click the Hamburger button on the top left corner, and click on ‘One Click Trading’.

    Next, specify the volume you want to trade, & click Sell or Buy.

    Please note, you will have to accept the Terms and Conditions for one-click trading before the feature will be activated. To turn one-click trading on or off, click the Hamburger button on the top left corner > One-Click Trading from the main menu.

    Did you know one-click trading window changes color depending on the price movement? When the price increases, it becomes blue. When the price decreases, it turns red.

    That is all to it, one-click trading makes opening orders easy.

    Modifying Orders

    You also can modify your open and pending orders in the Trade tab. To action this, simply right-click on the order in the Trade tab, & click Modify or Delete.

    Keep in mind, modifying an order lets you set the Stop Loss or Take Profit for open market orders. Alternatively, you can modify the open price, set the Stop Loss and Take Profit & specify the expiration date for your pending orders.

    Closing Orders

    To close an open order, you can either click ‘X’ in the Trade tab, or right-click on the order, and choose Close order. If you have one-click trading active, it will close immediately. Otherwise you will need to confirm this action by clicking the yellow Close button.

    Once your order has been closed, it will be shown in the History tab.

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